image-Feb-01-2021-02-52-24-17-PMAs industries around the world push for higher and higher levels of  performance in their materials, metallurgists continue to develop new and exciting alloys to meet today's challenges. Regardless of the environment, strain, or temperature that today's specialty metals need to operate in, there are choices available to engineer a range of solutions in a variety of applications. Combining the global resources of the Central Wire Group of Companies, including our metallurgical knowledge and production experience, Central Wire UK can provide the highest quality solutions, including the right alloy for your application, each and every time. 

Most applications for stainless steel wire are in corrosive environments -- and these range from salt or chlorine in applications near water to sulfuric downhole projects or highly acidic fruit processing plants. As with other environmental factors, the ability to select alloys that can maintain their strength and longevity in these environments, but that are available in price ranges that make them viable for use in industry, is one of the values of selecting stainless steel materials. Central Wire UK offers a selection of Specialty Alloys that can economically  provide high strength and corrosion resistance. If you are developing solutions that need to maintain high strengths  in corrosive environments, take a moment to review the choice below.

  • 302S (Euro: 1.4310) - CWI Stainless Steel 302S [ UNS: S30200 / Euro: 1.4310 ] (17%-19% chromium / 8%-10% nickel austenitic alloy ) is tougher, ductile grade with comparable corrosion resistance is non-magnetic, and does not harden by heat treatment.
  • 302HQ (Euro:1.4567) - CWI 302HQ [ UNS: S30430 / Euro:1.4567 ] is designed for severe cold heading applications. The addition of copper reduces cold work hardening of this type of stainless steel. UNS S30430 – Cr: 17.0-19.0%, Ni: 8.0-10.0%, Cu: 3.0-4.0% per ASTM A493
  • 303 -CWI Series Stainless 303 is a non-magnetic stainless steel that is not hardenable by heat treatment. UNS 30300 – Cr: 17.00-19.00% Ni: 8.00-10.00% with full chemistry to ASTM A581
  • 304 (Euro: 1.4301) - CWI 304 [ UNS: S30400 / EURO: 1.4301 ] is a basic, austenitic stainless steel containing a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This material meets the chemistry of the ASTM A580 specification.
  • 304L - CWI Series Stainless 304L (UNS S30403) is a low carbon variation of Type 304 with a 0.03% maximum carbon content. This material meets the chemistry of the ASTM A580 specification.
  • 305 - CWI Series Stainless 305 is an austenitic stainless steel that is well suited for cold forming operations due to its low work hardening rate. UNS S30500 – Cr: 17.0-19.0% and Ni: 10.0-13.0% with full chemistry to ASTM A580
  • 316 - CWI Series Stainless is an austenitic chromium-nickel-molybdenum stainless steel with good general corrosion resistance and improved pitting resistance. UNS S31600 – Cr: 16.0-18.0%, Ni: 10.0 – 14.0%, Mo: 2.0-3.0% with full chemistry to ASTM A580
  • 316L - The low carbon content in CWI Series Stainless 316L is intended to minimize the occurrence of grain boundary carbide precipitation. UNS S31603 – C: 0.03% max, Cr: 16.0-18.0%, Ni: 10.0-14.0%, Mo: 2.0-3.0% with full chemistry to ASTM A580
  • 317 - CWI Series Stainless 317 is a molybdenum bearing austenitic stainless steel with improved corrosion resistance over type 304/304L and type 316/316L stainless steel. UNS S31700 – C: 0.08%m max, Cr: 18.0-20.0%, Mo: 3.0-4.0% and Ni: 11.0-15.0% with full chemistry to ASTM A580
  • 317L - CWI Series Stainless 317L is a low carbon, molybdenum bearing austenitic stainless steel. The low carbon content provides resistance to sensitization during thermal processes. UNS S31703 – C: 0.03% max, Cr: 18.0-20.0%, Mo: 3.0-4.0% and Ni: 11.0-15.0% with full chemistry to ASTM A580
  • 321 - CWI Series Stainless 321 is a titanium stabilized austenitic stainless steel commonly used for service in the temperature range of 1000°F (538°C) to 1600°F (870°C). UNS S32100 – Cr: 17.0-19.0%, Ni: 9.0-12.0%, Ti: 5xC min with full chemistry to ASTM A580
  • 347 - CWI Series Stainless 347 is an austenitic stainless steel alloyed with columbium (niobium) offering an excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion. UNS S34700 – Cr: 17.0-19.0%, Ni: 9.0-13.0%, Cb (Nb): 10xC min with full chemistry to ASTM A580

testing-blogSelecting a High Strength, Corrosion Resistant Alloy can help prolong the performance of your products in corrosive environments. Let Central Wire UK engineering team help you in selecting the right alloy to meet the performance requirements of your application. Whether you need spring wire, profiled wire, slicklines, or bulk round wire, contact us today.

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