From Central Wire Industries President and CEO Paul From:


At Central Wire Industries in the United Kingdom, putting out high-quality and complex profiled wire is an ongoing challenge with roots going back to the start of our company. We’re proud that the complex profiled wire we offer serves our customers and fulfills their needs.

This complexity is visible from start-to-finish, with a multitude of in-stock options for our customers, plus custom engineering that can create intricate shapes for all industries. Read on to learn more about profiled wire complexity at CWIUK.

Custom Engineering

The staff at CWIUK work hard to meet the customer’s need, from engineering through packaging. We can manufacture profiled wire tooling on-site to offer our customers the opportunity to develop complex or demanding requirements for their products. We use a customized, inhouse designed rolling process to craft your intricate shape. The equipment we use covers shaping materials in multiple planes, arranged vertically and horizontally, maintaining uniform tolerances with adjustable and scalable profiles. Are you not sure what exact shape would be best for your application? Connect with our sales team to learn more about the tooling process and see how we can custom engineer to your performance needs.

Intricate Shapes

We can custom engineer shapes ranging from rectangles to crescents. Standard profiles include squares, circles, ovals and teardrop shapes. Custom profiles include twin round, chamfer and various I-beam shapes. In addition, our flat, round, and square profiled wire is available with a variety of different edge configurations. This includes round, square, natural rolled or full rounded edges. Profiles are manufactured to exact cross-sectional dimensions.

shaped wire bundle-1

In-Stock Options

Over the past year, we’ve all noticed the current supply chain issues that are facing our industries. Products that previously took days to ship now take weeks. At Central Wire Industries, we’ve remained committed to fast lead times despite supply chain frustrations. For our profiled wire line, we keep nearly 40 individual profiles in stock for quicker lead times. It is our hope that by stocking the most popular shapes, we can better help the customer meet their goals.


By custom engineering each profiled wire, we can offer unparalleled customer service to your business. Review our intricate shapes online today. Or, contact a salesperson to learn more about the profiled wire options currently in stock today. At Central Wire Industries, we’ve positioned ourselves as a market leader in the profiled wire industry. In the near future, we’ll announce a major investment in our technology, people and capacity to ensure Central Wire will meet all your profiled wire needs for years to come.