In case you missed it, Central Wire Industries is back in the welding consumables business with the relaunch of innovative Gen4 specialty alloy welding wire products.

Gen4 brings to the welding-wire filler market a long history of manufacturing advanced fine wire. CWI traces its welding roots to Reid-Avery Company, which trademarked its ferrous and non-ferrous welding goods under the name of RACO in 1924. We retain and build on knowledge from our past, a key part of evolving and improving.

evolutionary welding wire title

Our expertise in product development continues with specialization in nickel, stainless, cobalt, and copper welding products suited for many applications.

Gen4 products are made for shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), submerged arc welding (SAW), tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) and gas metal arc welding (MIG), to name a few processes. We offer solid continuous MIG welding wires with excellent physical characteristics to allow for easy feed ability. Expect the highest quality stainless, nickel, cobalt, and copper welding wire grades.

Many of our customers also appreciate that Welding Generation4, based in Lancaster, S.C., continues CWI’s Made in the USA commitments. When a supplier, producer or distributor needs U.S.-made products, from melt stage to finished assembly to welding, CWI connects it all. CWI provides springs and coils, strands and fasteners, and welding metals made of American-sourced materials and refined and welded in American plants.


With our re-emergence on the welding consumables scene, we knew we could be confident in our extreme consistency and highest quality ISO and CWB certified grades. We can provide customers with any diameter need on spools, TIG rods, or in bulk. Our history and past knowledge remain a part of this new generation of CWI welding. Except now we are better.

Gen4 welding products and service represent evolution, survival, and strength. This is our evolutionary story as we embrace our welding history and blast toward our future. For more information about the Gen4 welding line, visit