From Central Wire Industries President and CEO Paul From:


At our Central Wire Industries location in the United Kingdom, we’ve been practicing consistency and precision in our profiled wire products for decades.

At Central Wire, we define precision as the ability to repeat an action the same way every time. Precision manufacturing means controlling the process from start to finish. We’re able to accomplish this through three main points of focus: in-line laser measuring, on-site manufacturing tooling, and the specialized rolling process.


Manufacturing Tooling On-Site
Our technology starts with our skilled staff. At Central Wire Industries locations, we’re able to manufacture, in-house, tooling for our profiled wire lines. For the best wire, tooling needs to be designed and engineered to the highest quality. When we make our tools, we can ensure consistency and precision on the finished products. Standardizing our equipment and machinery at the beginning of the wire production process promises precision through-and-through.

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Specialized Rolling Process
We use a specialized rolling process to craft your precise shape. Our rolling heads use two synchronized, multi-plane rolls, arranged at angles to optimize the process. Each head maintains uniform tolerances and is fully adjustable and customizable. We can ensure tolerances to +/-0.0015” to +/-0.00025”. Our profiled wire is produced to exacting cross-sectional dimensions and are net, or near-net, in shape throughout the entire cross-section.

In-line Laser Measuring
Our technology allows us to achieve the most consistent and precise dimensions of any profiled wire product on the market today. Laser technology delivers the most consistent results and guarantees dimensional accuracy. When using in-line laser measuring, the reference is guaranteed to be straight. Nothing is straighter than a beam of light! These lasers are used in conjunction with computer programming to analyze the wire as it moves through the production process.


There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Central Wire Industries to produce high-quality profiled wire. We’re proud of our accomplishments in manufacturing tooling on-site, the rolling process and in-line laser measuring. This precision ensures your product’s quality every step along the manufacturing process. Contact a CWI salesperson to learn more about our precision profiled wire.