Central Wire Industries manufactures profiled wire in several different forms benefitting several different applications. Our stainless steel and nickel materials make ideal profile wire screen.

Wedge wire screens

CWI material is used in chemical filtration screens, oil and gas filtration screens, liquid filtrations screens, mining screens and petrochemical screens. Below are a few industries and applications that take advantage of our profiled wire in their screening processes.

Water Supply Systems

Filtration screens are made by welding lengths of profiled wire to support rods that add structure and rigidity. These screens are made out of wire shapes and can be used to filter water supply systems. Edge wire screens are an ideal choice because they don’t clog as frequently as standard mesh screens.

Oil & Gas Sediments

Our heavy-duty alloys like the 300 series stainless steel or Inconel® alloys are engineered to withstand the most demanding environments and conditions. They easily remove contaminants from your raw material.

Food Processing

Screens made from CWI profiled wire can separate seeds from fruit juice, sort and sift food products and dewater bulk solids and slurries. Our alloys are corrosion resistant and withstand vigorous cleaning processes.

Mining Screening

Stainless steel is a supreme choice for mining applications because of its strength and performance. When processing salt, sand or gravel, consider wedge profiled wire screens. Mining screens are typically manufactured with wedge profiles.

EuroWire Mag 4

Petrochemical Filtration

Profiled wire “pencil” sections are used as supports for petrochemical screens. We can manufacture sections up to 40mm x 5mm. Accuracy on the point of the custom shape offers tighter slot tube tolerances.

Profile wire screen made from Central Wire Industries stainless steel, nickel and specialty alloys are durable and resilient to corrosive environments. These screens are an important application in many industries, and Central Wire is eager to help you in yours. Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about our shaped wire lines.