Mounted Profile Wire

Profile wire is used in a range of industries to accomplish highly specialized functions. The precisely engineered structures of profile wire are what provide the performance - from the directional force generated by square wire and I-beam designs to the filtering capability of triangle and star profile wire shapes. Testing and certifying that the structures have been manufactured precisely, as required throughout the length of the profile wire, ensures that performance will be maintained. Central Wire UK not only builds profile wire to these exacting standards, but also performs these test inhouse and provides the data to certify that what you have ordered is what you have received.

Using the latest in visual measuring technologies, the engineering and quality team at Central Wire UK develops and implements an inspection plan for each profile wire ordered. In-process monitoring ensures product is made to specification. Material is inspected using automated systems to determine measurements at each step in the shaping process. Collection and analysis of this data gives production engineers insight into the progress of each custom profile, while also providing live feedback of tolerancing and controls.  

Histogram profile wire

Samples of finished product throughout the production run are collected, mounted, and measured using high resolution microscopes and form analysis software. The critical measurements of the finished wire are mapped, recorded, and compared against customer requirements to validate compliance. Included in the analysis is a statistical evaluation of the product itself used to create a histogram of the measurement and thereby a strong mathematical confidence in compliance.

Certificate of Compliance Profile Wire

At shipment, Central Wire UK provides a certificate of conformance that includes product specific results of the above testing and an analysis of the chemical composition of the material used. Included in this analysis is the actual percentage per weight of the elements in the alloys requested by the customer. Also provided is the Histogram discussed above with the actual measurements taken and recorded during the many levels of inspection. And because Central Wire UK is a member of the Global Central Wire Group of companies, additional testing and analysis can be performed on any product manufactured, through the services of our global quality team at our many locations. 

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